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Fall Diamond Cup League

Diamond Cup Fall BB League

Northwest Star Academy, established in 2002 by Jerry Gatto - former high school and college head baseball coach - offers learning experiences and specific opportunities during the fall in three different levels to meet the needs of athletes and prepare them for the following Spring/Summer season. Register ASAP and join the field of over 40 teams who describe the Fall Diamond Cup as the best organized program to meet the needs and prepare the student-athlete for the coming school season.

Levels of play include:

  • AMERICAN LEAGUE - This level is a preparation for the Varisty athlete preparing for the coming year or returning from the past year with special emphasis in getting a head start against other comparable athletes. Join this level of competition and gain added experience for the ultimate challenge.
  • NATIONAL LEAGUE - this level is tailored for the 8th, 9th & 10th grade athletes looking for instructional improvement with an emphasis in the continued development of sport specific skills and a positive self-concept attitudes. Special consideration is given in playing a standard baseball distances from mound to plate and bat paths.
  • JUNIOR LEAGUE - this level is especially geared to the 13-14 year old looking for added experience at their current level of participation wit added emphasis on fundamental skills and positive mental training habits.
  • In the American & National league, we will have a RED DIVISION - advance to challenge the athlete in a competitive learning environment and a GREEN DIVISION - to meet the goals of continuing development and confidence.
  • STARTING DATES: The American & National League will start on Sunday, August 26th. The Junior League will start on Sunday, September 9th. No games will be scheduled on Labor Day weekend, September 2-3, 2018.
  • American League is a Wood Bat league and the National League bat determination TBD at pre-season meeting.
  • All games in American and National League will be scheduled on Sunday and end on Sunday, October 14th. (Make up games on sites and dates as available and agreed by coaches and option of aiding one extra week to session.)
  • Junior League will use the current bat specs as determined by their local leagues. Games will be scheduled on Sundays, starting September 10th, with make-up games also scheduled as sites and alternative dates become available.
  • American and National Leagues will be guaranteed 12 games (6-DH). There will be a post-season Championship format at the end of the regular schedule at each level.
  • Junior League will be guaranteed 6 games (single, 9-inning games) with the last weekend being 2, 7-inning games.

NWS Academy wants to encourage hustle and positive attitude and a game tempo fostering interest and motivation for both players and spectators. The game experience each player will acquire will prepare them for the coming season and provide incentive and confidence necessary to develop their baseball skills.

For complete details, please click the following links - as listed below - for the 2018 Diamond Cup Fall Ball Intro and Fall Ball Waiver/Contract for additional information.


NW Star Diamond Cup Fall Ball Commissioners:

American League - Casey Dyer 360.910.9244, email:

National League - Shawn Dirksen 503.858.3052, email: