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NW Star Academy

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The NW Star Academy philosophy is committed to creating an avenue for youth to participate in competitive, fun and positive learning environment through the sport of baseball. Research tells us that "at their best, sports programs promote responsible social behaviors and greater academic success, confidence in one's physical abilities, and an appreciation of personal health and fitness".

Our foundation will model human behavior goals of participation, communication, positive self esteem and other social development skills through athletic participation. The establishment of short and long term goals, to meet the above, will truly prepare each individual towards becoming the best each can be - on and off the field.

While the above is the foundation of NW Star Academy program, it is equally important that we continue to do the following:

  • Mentor student-athletes on choices beyond high school experiences
  • Involve parents and guardians in ongoing assistance i the development of the NW Star Academy philosophy
  • Sponsor ongoing education seminars for coaches at all levels
  • Contribute necessary financial resources to both individuals and programs in need
  • Establish and model the positive system and reinforcement basis for the team philosophy at all times
  • Encourage players and participants to actively speak and contribute in team and regular NW Star gatherings

NW Star Academy operates as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) entity and is proud to support athletes and programs where assistance is needed.

Coming Together is a Beginning

Keeping Together is Progress

Working Together is Success