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Summer Teams

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Letter from Coach Gatto

Northwest Star Baseball Academy summer program is committed to creating an avenue for student athletes to participate in a competitive, fun, and positive learning environment. Success in the NWS philosophy is measured by the continuous development of our players both as athletes and responsible young adults.

The motto of our program is:

            To believe in yourself

            Believe that something positive is going to happen

            Believe in your teammates

            Believe that through hard work success will follow

It is our goal to provide programs for teams and individuals throughout the year.  Skill development of every athlete will be taught with an emphasis on the growth of each individual person.  All students will be given the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the game, acquire the necessary fundamental skills, establish the needed confidence to succeed and most important develop the necessary human characteristics that will enhance success both on and off the field.

Team participation will be integrated into the program throughout the year to facilitate the basic  philosophy and the motto of Northwest Star Baseball Academy.

I would like to acknowledge everyone connected with Northwest Star Baseball Academy including parents, community volunteers, and sponsors.  Your efforts and support provide the time and resources that foster a strong and positive program. 

Most important, thanks to the players for their commitment and dedication toward developing their skills and confidence in all areas of their life.  I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the summer. 

Together each of us can accomplish more!

Jerry Gatto, President of NW Star Productions & Academy

2018 NW Star Coaches

College Prep Team

Heach Coach: Casey Dyer

Assistant Coach: Odie Hollingshed

Pitching Coach: Shawn Dirksen

18U Team

Head Coach: Chase Franks

Assistant Coach: MacKenzie Jones

Pitching Coach: Gerhett Moser

HS Prep Team (16U)

Head Coach: Ben Loerner

Assistant Coach: Andrew Barrera

Assitant Coach: Bruin Campbell